Katy Ellis not only shares her name with Katy Perry. She often gets ‘You look just like Katy Perry’ and that is how this ‘Firework’ of a Tribute Act began.

Katy Ellis has the rock/indie sounding voice of Katy Perry and has mastered her cartoon classic sounding Californian accent. This show is a one of a kind.

You will hear Katy Roar in this fun, crazy, colourful energetic show. You will not be able to resist joining in the party atmosphere. “We’ll make it like your ‘Birthday’ everyday!” A Tribute act all ages will love.

Katy Ellis has put her own stamp on the costumes sometimes wearing replica costumes but then adding her own twist. This tribute show is a ‘Firework’ of fun!

Most of the costumes were made in California, Katy Perry’s home town, by a fabulous designer. All are colourful outrageous and memorable living up to the image of a Las Vegas showgirl.

This Katy Perry Tribute adds as many costume changes into the show as possible. From her era as a ‘Teenage dream’ to the more dramatic ‘Prismatic’ look. Making it a fun, exciting show for all.

Fireworks, cupcakes and cotton candy. Add this Katy Perry Tribute to your next event. Katy Ellis delivers a sugary diet that won’t rot your teeth. A show to satisfy the sweetest tooth.

Looking for more? Add dancers to your event or a full band. Whatever it is you are looking for we can deliver. With over ten years experience in the business you are in safe professional hands.

Katy would be the ‘Firework’ she sang about – bright, beautiful and ever so slightly dangerous. Every KatyCat will love this true tribute to Katy Perry. A show you will never forget!

Singer, songwriter, and musician. Born Katheryn Hudson on October 25, 1984, in Santa Barbara, California. Known for her over-the-top fashions, quirky stage props, and catchy songs, Katy Perry has become a pop music sensation.

The American star has been ruling the charts since the middle of the 00’s – and won over fans with her naughty sense of humour.

Katy has won 88 awards in her career to date – including 5 American Music Awards and one BRIT Award – and she is believed to be worth an estimated by Forbes in 2016 to be $125 million.

Another career highlight was her star turn at the 2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show which saw her wow audiences with a dazzling medley of tunes

Katy Perry is the only female to have five number one hit singles from one album ‘Teenage Dream’ The same amount as Michael Jackson with his reputable ‘BAD’ album.

Katy Perry Tribute available for performances around the World!

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The show can be booked for theatres and festivals via James Baker Productions

Email: info@jamesbakerproductions.co.uk

Tour dates coming soon!

“I am a champion, and you’re gonna hear me Roar!”