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Katy Perry Tribute Act

Katy Ellis is the most prestigious Katy Perry Tribute Act for Katy Perry in the UK and around the world. This Katy Perry Tribute Act takes pride in making her KatyCats really believe they are watching the real Katy Perry.

Katy Ellis not only looks like Katy Perry but she has the same mannerisms, energy on stage and attitude. Katy Ellis shares so much with Katy Perry even the same name. Making this Katy Perry Tribute a one of a kind.

The show is 100% live and can come with fantastic Candy dancers and even a Katy Perry Tribute band. Katy Ellis is a ‘KatyCat’ herself and this Katy Perry Tribute knows every Katy Perry song, even the album tracks that weren’t released. So if you have a special favourite Katy Perry song, be sure to let us know!

The costumes were specially made in California for Katy and they are replicas of Katy Perry’s actual costumes! Each costume change represents the different stages in Katy Perry’s career from the Candyland cupcake loving girl to the Dark Horse Prismatic theme. With many costume changes throughout this colourful show this Katy Perry Tribute Act will bring a Katy Perry Experience like no other.

Available for Katy Perry Tribute performances around the World!

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